Ultimate Pho Bowl

large bowl of PHO

large bowl of PHO

The Challenge:

One person has 90 minutes to complete the ultimate pho bowl challenge. The challenge consists of a bowl of pho containing 3 liters of broth, 3 lbs of noodles and 3 lbs of meats. If you can successfully complete the challenge, you will get your meal for free, your name on the wall of fame, and $100 prize. However, if you fail to complete the challenge by yourself, you agree to pay regular price.


  • Price for the Challenge $45 per person

  • In order to take the challenge, you must call a minimum of 2 hours ahead, to arrange the challenge

  • Challenge must be taken on New Leaf Bistro Premises

  • 90 minute time limit begins immediately once the pho is served to your table

  • Challenge limited to one person per bowl (No Sharing) - Results will be verified by camera.

  • Bowl must be empty (Including Broth) to win the challenge

  • End of 90 minutes - the challenge is complete. if you have not finished your bowl, you will be required to pay full price for the meal.

  • If you decide you can’t proceed with the challenge any longer, but still have time on the clock, you must alert a staff member that you are “throwing in the towel” PRIOR TO SHARING ANY OF THE REMAINING PHO WITH YOUR TABLE, OR YOU MAY BE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL FEES BASED ON THE NUMBER IN YOUR PARTY.

  • Cheating or violation of the above rules will result in disqualification and subject your party to full price.

  • By agreeing to take the challenge, you acquiesce to the terms outlined in this agreement.